Frisbee is now offering an even more advanced professional solution for medium to large sized companies who have more than just a few people dictating and transcribing. Frisbee enterprise offers full support and administration of all users from one central point, this means no more running around updating every single person's PC individually.

All changes can be made from one person's computer. This saves time, is easier for support purposes, and increases productivity and workflow. For example: the company can be divided into various subgroups like litigation, soliciting etc these groups can have predefined members as well as predefined transcriptionists for each subgroup, this helps with delegation of jobs to various transcriptionists as well as prioritisation according to whether the dictation is an e-mail and letter a fax etc.

Frisbee Enterprise is the central server application within a Frisbee system which is responsible for dictation, workflow and document management, user administration, automatic update distribution, centralised backup and archiving.

Frisbee Enterprise is a server-based application, which archives and manages all dictations of an institution on a SQL database, and makes the allocation between the authors and transcriptionists; just how to play a Frisbee …

Due to the centralising of these tasks, the installation and maintenance of the system as a whole are made considerably easier. User profiles and workflow para-meters are created and modified centrally for hundreds of users. Workflow control can therefore be carried out by the user individually or centrally, with overriding priority, user rights or, for example, the integration of mobile dictation with Frisbee Smart are also managed on Frisbee Enterprise, just as the speech recognition modules are managed centrally.

Mobile Dictation
Quick dictation functions and simple automatic sending of dictations for all employees who dictate using professional mobile dictation devices of all brands, regardless of location.
Desktop Dictation – PC Input
You dictate by microphone directly into Frisbee. You can navigate during the dictation with your dictation microphone using buttons or a sliding switch control. Frisbee does the rest for you.
Telephone Dictation
You dictate via your Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone when you are on the move and send your recording directly to your secretary. Your dictations are already typed out before you are back in the office.
Web-based Dictation
You dictate using your dictation microphone directly via Internet Explorer or load your dictations from the portable dictation machine and send them to the Frisbee Enterprise Server via the Internet.
Dictation with speech recognition
You dictate either with a mobile dictation machine or a stationary dictation microphone on your PC. The workflow of Frisbee Enterprise automatically refers your dictation to the speech recognition engine and you will get back your corrected report in due time.
In-house transcription
All dictations are passed on to the relevant transcriptionist on the basis of specific settings. The secretary only sees the dictations intended for him or her on his or her job lister.
Transcription Pool
Sending dictations to a secretarial pool based on workflow settings. The next available employee processes the job.
External transcription
Flexible and secure access from any PC «outside the building» which is directly connected to Frisbee Enterprise via the local area network or the Internet.
Corrections from Frisbee SR
The speech-recognised text can be corrected at any workstation. All corrections are adjusted to the author’s user profile and the speech recognition is improved with each correction.

Frisbee Applications

Job Lister

Frisbee's easy to use Job Lister shows all the dictations with the name of the author, the worktype, state [created | open | dictated | sent | received | in progress | transcribed |...], length, priority and much more. You are informed about the processing status of your job through State. You see when and from whom your dictation was received or transcribed. You can search for jobs and sort them very easily.


The central Frisbee Enterprise user administration is connected to Microsoft's Active Directory.This eliminates not only the two user management by the administrator, it also allows the user a single sign on. (SSO implemented) All users can be given different privileges: dictation, transcription and administration. All users are members of a Frisbee Enterprise Group.

Most settings are made at group level. Nevertheless, the group settings can be adjusted user specifically, which allows very efficient user administration. Privileges allocation can be configured at application function level. In addition, an intelligent inheritance procedure has been realised for all settings. Optimal mapping of the corporate structure by means of sites in logical departments or geographical locations.

Frisbee Enterprise Server manages and distributes jobs (dictations and documents) centrally. Frisbee Enterprise includes document management. By connecting voice files to text files you can find the document corresponding to the dictation and vice verse at any time without searching. An job may contain several dictations. Completed work can be deleted automatically.

Frisbee Enterprise Manager

Frisbee Enterprise Manager manages templates and allocates these to a dictation on a filter basis. It also gives you an overview of the logged on users, the current workload and the pending work volumes. This means you have your system under control at all times and can override the automatic features manually if necessary.

Work reports can be generated for analysis and reporting for each secretary, workflow, person providing the dictations and much more. The finished dictations and documents are automatically archived and can be conveniently found later and made accessible using a powerful search function. Frisbee Enterprise has a fully automatic backup and restore function integrated as a standard function. Moreover, no dictation can get lost with the Frisbee Enterprise Auto Recover function, which backs up each spoken word.

Workflow Management

Workflows can be adjusted and monitored using the administration application Frisbee Enterprise Manager. The system administrator can even configure workflows between one site and another. Any number of authors and secretarial staff can be members of a workflow. Each dictation user has his own configurable priority level and dictation processing time.

If the Frisbee Enterprise Server receives a dictation, a check is made for suitable workflows. Dictations are allocated to workflows by filters and thus made available to users. The work can be sorted within a workflow according to the FIFO method, priority or by turnaround time. Transcriptionists can be member of several workflows. Processing the dictations of several workflows can be set up in accordance with the following criteria:

Transcriptionists can download dictations from the Frisbee Enterprise Server either automatically or manually. In the case of the manual process, dictations can either be allocated by the secretary or by another user. In addition, a deputy can be defined for the secretary using the Frisbee Enterprise Manager. If required, the author of the dictation can even retrieve his dictation from the Frisbee Enterprise Server and revise or correct it.

Documents resulting from dictations can be digitally signed by the persons who have dictated them and released for printing.


When new dictations are ready for transcription on the Frisbee Enterprise Server, the secretarial staff responsible are informed of this acoustically or visually. The secretary can also be informed of this by E-mail, and this means that the Frisbee Enterprise Client does not always have to be started. Dictations are downloaded manually or automatically over the network from the Frisbee Enterprise Server to the secretary's work station.

The secretary can listen to and type out the dictations efficiently using a foot control and headphones. If a dictation has been marked as «Transcribed», it is filed as completed or sent back to the author on request with the resultant document. Optionally, the voice files can be converted fully automatically into text files by real time* or background speech recognition*. In the case of background speech recognition a dedicated speech recognition server is used.

Integration in HIS, RIS, MIS, etc.

Frisbee Enterprise unique Interface Engine supports all current interfaces, protocols and standards such as XML, HL7, UN/EDI, etc. In addition, there is a COM SDK to integrate digital dictation into your information system.

Frisbee Hardware Devices