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Why do digital dictaphones not come standard with larger memory cards?

While larger memory cards are available for digital recorders, storing a lot of information in one place can be like “putting all one’s eggs in one basket”. We supply our clients with the best quality memory cards available for their digital dictaphones, however, they are not infallible and if a card becomes corrupted for whatever reason, it is better to lose a little information rather than a whole lot in one go.
Another point to bear in mind is that in general, dictation and transcription software (like many other kinds of software) works best if it is dealing with smaller files. If you import a very large voice file into the transcription software for processing, you may find that your system struggles and may even momentarily “freeze”.
With these point in mind, we advise our clients to use several smaller memory cards, and to back up their voice files regularly.

Simplifying and improving my dictation and voice recording with compatible accessories
(Accessories to make my life simpler)
Hands free recording
If you use your voice recorder in an environment where you may need your hands free for other operations (for instance a pathology laboratory), a foot-control can be a very useful accessory. With certain Dictaphones, the very foot-control that your transcriptionist or secretary uses for processing your voice files, can be used to control your digital Dictaphone.
Voice activation
In certain circumstances
Voice recognition software
Perhaps you would prefer to not make use of a secretary or transcriptionist, how do you get around the need to type up your documents? Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software can make your life a whole lot easier.
Once Dragon has been trained to your voice and accent, it’s voice to text processing capabilities can offer results that are up to three times faster than regular typing.
Currently, Dragon is only suitable for individual use, and has not yet developed to the point where it can recognise multiple voices in a boardroom environment. Bear in mind, that should it progress to this point, it may need to be trained by each participant in the meeting.
Headsets are not just for your secretary, and can be a very useful tool for anyone using a voice recording device.

Analogue (cassette) vs digital

The pros and cons. switching to digital. Is it really all its cut out to be?
Are you still using analogue dictation and transcription equipment? Have you been thinking about upgrading to digital, but are not sure if it will work for you?
As digital voice recorders, dictaphones and transcribers become more common, you may feel that you need to upgrade to stay in the game. A big change like this can be scary, especially if you have been using analogue for many years. Fortunately, the transcription software that is available is very user friendly and will take no time at all for you to learn to navigate around. Our sales and support team are always on hand to guide you through it should you become unstuck at any point.
As digital dictation equipment becomes more commonplace, it is becoming more difficult to source spare parts to service and repair the Dictaphones and transcribers. With digital becoming the norm, and widely available, prices have come down, to a point where analogue voice recorders and transcribers have become more expensive than digital
Previously, digital recorders were much more expensive than their analogue counterparts, however, as technology evolves, the prices have dropped to a point where there is not such a vast difference in cost as before. Cassette recorders are still cheaper, however, analogue transcribers have increased drastically in price so the playing field in terms of price has really levelled out.

The advantages of having files recorded digitally makes life much simpler from a logistical point of view. Files can be downloaded by USB cable or docking station, directly to your computer, and can be shared easily via USB, or copied onto a flash drive as back up
Send voice files from a remote location. Given that digitally recorded dictation can be sent electronically to the transcriptionist, as opposed to having to deliver a physical cassette, one is able to work remotely, and as long as you have an internet connection, you are able to send files through to your transcriptionist.

New generation models such as the Philips SpeechAir even have wifi capability and one is able to email the dictation files directly from the device via wifi.

Voice to text – will it work for me?

With the advances in technology, has arrived the advent of Speech Recognition software. The thought of being able to speak and have your words automatically converted to text on your PC sounds wonderful, but what are the limitations?

Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to speak into your microphone, or Dragon compatible recording device and then either automatically transcribes to text as you speak, or when you download from your device to your PC. This increases productivity as it can be up to three times faster than straight typing.

For the software to recognise your speech, you need to “train” it to recognise your voice, accent and inflections. With this in mind, it is understandable
I want to use speech recognition software in a boardroom environment. Is this possible?

Note takers vs voice recorders

What makes a note taker different from a voice recorder?

Note takers are just what they imply – note takers. Their purpose is to be a simple digital recorder that you can use to record quick notes, thoughts and ideas. To keep costs down, these machines have basic functions such as record and playback.


Professional digital Dictaphones are geared towards professionals who need to dictate documents as part of their day to day activities, for instance doctors and lawyers. For these applications, one requires full functionality, including the ability to rewind or go forward in your voice recording, and insert, delete, or edit certain sections.

Dictaphones and Voice Recorders in South Africa

South Africa is the home of the majestic African Elephants and the many safari animals. The country is
also the largest sanctuary for most of the African animals. The best attraction of the country is the live
viewing of the Great Migration. It is also the best spot as the tourist destination in the world with the
great climate that is mostly sunny making it best place to visit.

Also, the place is subjected in conducting much observation with the behavior of the animals in night
and day time. The question now is how they do it? What is the tool and device they used in order to
have the best output? The answer is simple, Dictaphones and Voice Recorder is the two tools to have
effective records of the behavior of animals around. Below are the use of Dictaphones and Voice
Recorder and why it is best in South Africa.


Commonly, the use of Dictaphones is in the offices as a transcribing tool for letters and memos. But with
the advancement and innovation in modern technology, it has now many features as an efficient
portable digital voice recorder. One of the features is the large capacity of memory that allows the user
to store many data in Dictaphones. Here is the rundown of feature can count in the new Dictaphones
and it comes in handy once you are in South Africa.

  • Reminders of the user. You can set the time when the Dictaphones will beep and will give you
    the reminders.
  • An effective tool for recording. Just placing it in the ground and starting the recording and leave
    it outside for one night will not do harm in Dictaphones. Instead, it might give you the result you
  • There are many used of Dictaphones, but the main feature of the device is in the recording. That
    is why it is best for people observing the behavior of the animals in South Africa.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is the modern version of Dictaphones. We can’t prevent the innovation and
advancement in technology to come up with new gadgets that will give ease and comfort. Some of the
voice recorders have wire microphone so they can record well from long distance. They also have a big
internal memory capacity to store many record data. Voice recorder is like Dictaphones but much better
for your use in South Africa. Here is another run down of the best feature of Voice Recorder and why it
is best while you are in South Africa.

  • Recording and storing
    With just one click you can record many things using the Voice Recorder. And since it can be
    connected with a microphone, your South African journey in observing can have many mysteries
    unravel. Concerning the behavior of the animals at night, it will be easy for you placing the
    microphone in their den. Just be smart not to be seen by the animals.

If you intend to have Dictaphones and Voice Recorders while you are in South Africa, you can find it in
the capital. In there you can have the gadgets and start recording things no matter what you like and
how you intend to do it. plus it can be your alarm and enjoy its features.

Voice Recording Devices and Olympus Voice Recorders

Voice Recording Devices are involved in the history of recording. As year pass by, it becomes more popular and have undergone many changes that add more features to the device. Since Voice Recording Devices are more handy and cheap, it becomes a substitute device for cassette recorders. It also has the large capacity of the memory for many recordings. Also, the memory can be transfer to your computers. Even Voice Recording Devices are small, modern styles have a large capacity for memory data.

There are many brands of Voice Recording Devices in the market but the best brand that offers the highest quality is the Olympus Voice Recorders. They don’t stop to improve their devices and research for the best features that will enhance their products. Below is the rundown of products they launch in the market that will give you an idea why they are known to be the best in Voice Recorders provider.

  • Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder

    The most popular brand made by the Olympus so far that is the best pick for professionals that records sounds and voices. The features of this recording device boost the productivity of the user with the clear recordings. They also have software that enhances the output; it is one of the products that have a large memory capacity.


  • Digital Recorder: Olympus DS2400

    This voice recording device has the innovation and the features such as the navigating screen. Professionals such as the lawyers prefer this recording device because it is easy to use and very handy.


  • Olympus DM-5

    Unique to have the ‘Index Mark’ that have the capacity to make tags in the recording as well as in playback. Best for recording lecture because it can highlight the important part of the record.


There are three modes that are quite a thing to remember when using Olympus Recording Device. The Lecture Mode used to record voices in a big crowd. The device has maximum sensitivity in the microphone that allows to record only the subject and not focusing much attention to the buzz around. Meeting Mode, for recording meetings and seminars. Perform best in a small crowd and give the quality in recordings.

As of now, Olympus has many innovations to make that is why they are the one of the trusted voice recording devices brand in the market. Many use Olympus Voice Recorders because it is best for personal and professional use. Best of yet, it is compatible with all editing devices such as computers and laptops. It is also compatible with all the software that offers editing sounds.

The price of Olympus Voice Recorders varies with the features but commonly the device for professional are more expensive than the personal devices. They have the best feature of the device and they don’t have hidden features. The latest product of Olympus only weight 2.3 oz. and they made some adjustment to make it lighter. With the 2.3" by 4.3" by 1.5", it can fit in your bags and gives the user ease in handling the device. So if you are looking for a recording device in the market and want to have the assurance of the quality, Olympus Recording Device is the best for all your recording needs.