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Olympus DM 720

Olympus DM 720

  • 4GB internal memory + external microSD slot
  • Linear PCM (48kHz/16bit = better than CD quality) and MP3 Format
  • 3 high quality microphones for true, wideband stereo recording recording
  • 5 Scene Modes for most convenient recording (Lecture/Conference/Meeting/Dictation/DNS)
Olympus DM 720 conf. kit

Olympus DM 720 conf. kit

  • Everything you need to professionally record any meeting from weekly company briefings to high-stakes conferences
  • Two high quality omni-directional microphones and tripods
  • Versatile recording quality options, including high quality PCM recording (CD quality)
  • DM-720 recorder for high quality sound, superb convenience with 46-hour battery life
  • Remote control, AC adapter and case included
  • Sturdy aluminium case
  • Rechargable batteries included