While larger memory cards are available for digital recorders, storing a lot of information in one place can be like “putting all one’s eggs in one basket”. We supply our clients with the best quality memory cards available for their digital dictaphones, however, they are not infallible and if a card becomes corrupted for whatever reason, it is better to lose a little information rather than a whole lot in one go.
Another point to bear in mind is that in general, dictation and transcription software (like many other kinds of software) works best if it is dealing with smaller files. If you import a very large voice file into the transcription software for processing, you may find that your system struggles and may even momentarily “freeze”.
With these point in mind, we advise our clients to use several smaller memory cards, and to back up their voice files regularly.

Simplifying and improving my dictation and voice recording with compatible accessories
(Accessories to make my life simpler)
Hands free recording
If you use your voice recorder in an environment where you may need your hands free for other operations (for instance a pathology laboratory), a foot-control can be a very useful accessory. With certain Dictaphones, the very foot-control that your transcriptionist or secretary uses for processing your voice files, can be used to control your digital Dictaphone.
Voice activation
In certain circumstances
Voice recognition software
Perhaps you would prefer to not make use of a secretary or transcriptionist, how do you get around the need to type up your documents? Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software can make your life a whole lot easier.
Once Dragon has been trained to your voice and accent, it’s voice to text processing capabilities can offer results that are up to three times faster than regular typing.
Currently, Dragon is only suitable for individual use, and has not yet developed to the point where it can recognise multiple voices in a boardroom environment. Bear in mind, that should it progress to this point, it may need to be trained by each participant in the meeting.
Headsets are not just for your secretary, and can be a very useful tool for anyone using a voice recording device.