South Africa is the home of the majestic African Elephants and the many safari animals. The country is
also the largest sanctuary for most of the African animals. The best attraction of the country is the live
viewing of the Great Migration. It is also the best spot as the tourist destination in the world with the
great climate that is mostly sunny making it best place to visit.

Also, the place is subjected in conducting much observation with the behavior of the animals in night
and day time. The question now is how they do it? What is the tool and device they used in order to
have the best output? The answer is simple, Dictaphones and Voice Recorder is the two tools to have
effective records of the behavior of animals around. Below are the use of Dictaphones and Voice
Recorder and why it is best in South Africa.


Commonly, the use of Dictaphones is in the offices as a transcribing tool for letters and memos. But with
the advancement and innovation in modern technology, it has now many features as an efficient
portable digital voice recorder. One of the features is the large capacity of memory that allows the user
to store many data in Dictaphones. Here is the rundown of feature can count in the new Dictaphones
and it comes in handy once you are in South Africa.

  • Reminders of the user. You can set the time when the Dictaphones will beep and will give you
    the reminders.
  • An effective tool for recording. Just placing it in the ground and starting the recording and leave
    it outside for one night will not do harm in Dictaphones. Instead, it might give you the result you
  • There are many used of Dictaphones, but the main feature of the device is in the recording. That
    is why it is best for people observing the behavior of the animals in South Africa.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is the modern version of Dictaphones. We can’t prevent the innovation and
advancement in technology to come up with new gadgets that will give ease and comfort. Some of the
voice recorders have wire microphone so they can record well from long distance. They also have a big
internal memory capacity to store many record data. Voice recorder is like Dictaphones but much better
for your use in South Africa. Here is another run down of the best feature of Voice Recorder and why it
is best while you are in South Africa.

  • Recording and storing
    With just one click you can record many things using the Voice Recorder. And since it can be
    connected with a microphone, your South African journey in observing can have many mysteries
    unravel. Concerning the behavior of the animals at night, it will be easy for you placing the
    microphone in their den. Just be smart not to be seen by the animals.

If you intend to have Dictaphones and Voice Recorders while you are in South Africa, you can find it in
the capital. In there you can have the gadgets and start recording things no matter what you like and
how you intend to do it. plus it can be your alarm and enjoy its features.